Milan Quilt Builders Guild

Sunday, July 23, 2017

July 1, 2017

 Sew 'n Tell of the July meeting

We also had a program on Color by Joanne H. and took a tour of Fran's gardens full of colorful flowers.  

Sue T - Watermelon Log Cabin Design Purse

Joanne H - Primitive Color Tree Skirt

Joanne - Red & Green Tree Skirt

Mary T - Tree Patterned Quilt

Joanne gave a short program on "Color"
Some hints…Pick fabric the way you pick out your clothes for the day.
Shades of 1 color gives depth and movement. Use shade/tints & tones if using the same color. 
Some great key words and the descriptions.
 Value is Light vs. Dark 
Intensity is Bright vs. Dull 
 Shade is Black
Tone is more Gray
Tint is White
Hue is the Name of the Color
Go beyond your “safe” zone in picking out new colors you would not think of using.
Use a color wheel to help you see what combinations can be beneficial in your quilt.
Joanne had many examples to help us see what we can do above and beyond what we’ve done in the past.

A couple pictures of the quilts 

Lastly we took a tour of Fran’s awesome gardens. The colors were fantastic. It has only taken her 30 years!!! to achieve this wonderful place. Thank you so much Fran for letting us walk around in your garden paradise.  Enjoy these wonderful colorful flowers!
Everything had a label as well

What an excited day!  

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

June 10, 2017

Sew n' Tell of our June Meeting

Not to many creations today but amazing all the same!

Leianda  L - Bubble Gum Baby Quilt

Ruthanne M - Hexagons in multi color fabric

Ruthanne M - Christma Tree with multi media applique

Sue T - Childs Quilt in cats

Sue T - Back of childs quilt

Sue T - License Place Fabric in honor of her Dad

Sue T - Stamp Fabric Quilt

Judy J - Pirate print Quilt (similar to Where's Waldo)

Judy J - Coral & Blue Baby Quilt

Judy J - Raffle Quilt for Sea Bees Convention in the Fall

Great Job Ladies!!