Sunday, April 30, 2017

April 8th 2017

Our Sew n tell of the meeting along with special guest speaker Erica Plank.  She talked about how she started her own business of drawing up, and selling her patterns.  She also talked about the Cathedral Windows.

Leianda L - Breast Cancer Mondo Bag

Leianda L - T-shirt Quilt

Leianda L - Cleveland Indians T-shirt Quilt

Deb L - X Marks the Spot QOV Top

Linda B - Stip Quilt

Linda B - Hand Quilted Quilt

April W - Flying Horse Farm Candy Quilt Top

Tammy C - Bowling Green Quilt Top 

Maura B - Baby Quilt - Whales

Maura B - SCCS Swim Team Quilt

Judy M - Mondo Bag

Judy J - Midi Bag 

Judy J - Midi Bag

Judy J - Stack n Wack Sweatshirt

Judy J - Dr. Suess Playmat

Joanne H - Pink Strip Quilt

Joanne H - Honor Flight Quilt

Joanne H - Honor Flight Quilt

Joanne H - Honor Flight Quilt

Anne S - Purses

Anne S - T-shirt/Photo Quilt

Anne S - Memory Bears

Anne S - Memory Mickey scarf

Our Guest Speaker was Erica Plank who talked about how she started her business of designing patterns.  She has been designing since 2009 and travels all over doing presentations on her designs.  Enjoy all her Quilts.  Her website is

Erica Plank

Christmas Past

First Snow

North Pole's Quilt Guild

Welcome Spring Rabbits

The Teddy Bears

 A Ragged Christmas

The Black Sheep

Remember Who You Are

Threads of Life

Crossroads of My Life

Homemade Pie

Quilter Retweet

Taste of Freedom

Quilter Retreat Laundry Bag

College Student Laundry Bag

RV/Camping Bag

Grandma's House Backpack

Sew N' Tell Bag

Primitive Barn - yo-yo's

Peaceful Day - Yo-yo's

Liberty Barn - Yo-yo's

Letter From Home

A Crow's Best Friend

What We are Made Of

Reap What You Sew

Have A Drink With Me

Wooly Wisdom

Play Outside

Heartland Barns

The County Fair

Seasons on the Farm

Cathedral Window Pillow

Cathedral Window

American Window

Believe in Me - Santa

Believe in Me - Fairy

Believe in Me - True Love

Believe in Me - Inspirational

A Frosty Night

A Frosty Night - Applique

All of these patterns can be found on her website.  What an incredible array of Quilts.  Thank you to Erica for showing us her creations.  

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